Sneak peek Genesis GV80

GV80 Concept agaisnt city backdrop

The Genesis GV80 is on its way to the masses. Though Genesis has not pinpointed a specific timeline for production, the vehicle will be available at some point in the near future. This luxury sport utility vehicle will have a little bit of everything from a third row to a glass touchpad and extensive infotainment options. The new Genesis GV80 will seat up to four occupants.

Genesis GV80 Background

Hyundai created the stand-alone Genesis brand in 2015. The brand kicked things off with two sedans. Genesis will soon add the GV80 to the mix to please those who are looking for an upscale sport utility vehicle. Various reports indicate that Genesis will have upwards of six automobile models by 2020. It is expected that at least two of these models will be sport utility vehicles. One will be an entry-level luxury sport utility vehicle and the other a mid-size luxury ride. The GV80 represents the brand's upcoming mid-size luxury sport utility vehicle. Many believe the new GV80 will borrow elements from Bentley vehicles as Genesis has hired Bentley's former chief designer Luc Donckerwolke.

GV80 Interior

GV80 Details

The new Genesis sport utility vehicle will be a plug-in hybrid powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell. In terms of style, this vehicle will have quite the sophisticated appearance. Upscale materials are used throughout the interior and exterior to culminate in a polished vehicle that appeals to every demographic. The thin headlights are reminiscent of those on Volvos. The front fascia is curved in a level of exquisite detail that rivals the Bentley Continental. Though Genesis engineers won't make use of Bentley's uber-costly temperature forming process, Donckerwolke has stated his design team is looking to replicate a similar process in the GV80's production.

The GV80's conventionally square roofline allows for ample interior space than most competing sport utility vehicles. The GV80 sits on 23-inch wheels with vented spokes that perfectly coordinate with the transparent B and C-pillar crosshatch style. Look at the vehicle head-on and the first thing you will notice is the eye-catching chrome grille that forms the shape of a large “V”. This grille stuns with a complex diamond-shaped mesh. Swing around to the back and you will immediately take note of the slit-style taillights with laser-lit fiber optics.

The Luxury Interior of Your Dreams

The GV80's interior is everything you could hope for and then some. Interior niceties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ash wood
  • Aluminum trim
  • Leather-lined stitched dashboard
  • 22-inch wide LED split screen
The Genesis GV80 Concept

Play around with the metal inlays conveniently positioned in the center stack and you will find they are touch capacitive. These shortcuts provide easy access to the vehicle's wide range of infotainment functions. There is even a metal wheel at the end of the armrest that surrounds a seemingly futuristic glass touchpad that permits tapping, pinching, rotating and swiping gestures. The GV80's center console reaches all the way to the rear seats, providing direct access to touch-capacitive infotainment controls.

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