Genesis and Amazon Alexa Connectivity

Genesis G80 Interior

When you are looking for advanced technology, Genesis is up to the challenge. Amazon's Alexa skill is now helping owners of the Genesis G90 and G80 connect with their car remotely from inside the home. It is both convenient, and revolutionary, as car owners can now use their Amazon Echo, Tap, Fire TV or Echo Dot to turn on the car to warm up, unlock or lock the car doors, and even turn on the lights or toot the horn. It's a luxurious experience for new Genesis car owners.

2017 G80

Complimentary Genesis Connected Car Services

All new Genesis vehicles utilizing Amazon's Alexa skill technology come with three years of free Genesis Connected Car Services to ensure that the driver has three years of uninterrupted time enjoying the service. In addition, those that purchase the Genesis G90 get a free Gift Card, which most car owners are using to buy a new Amazon Echo to remotely control their car.

Solving Modern Day Problems with Technology

If you've ever wondered whether you locked your car doors, only to get up in the middle of the night to check, Alexa skill solves this problem for you. A simple "Alexa, tell Genesis to lock my car" and your car will be locked without having to get out of bed. When you don't want to go out on a frigid morning to warm up your car, all you have to say to Alexa is, "Alexa, tell Genesis to start my car" and if you want to add in some climate control you can add, "at 70 degrees".

Interior of the Genesis G80

Smarter Cars for a New Generation

When you consider the technology, it is quite amazing. According to Erwin Raphael, general manager of Genesis in the U.S. market, "The Amazon Alexa skill for Genesis demonstrates our progressive commitment to technology that is intuitive and customer-focused. It aligns with our belief that time and convenience are the ultimate luxuries."

All it takes to get this technology working is an Alexa enabled device and the Genesis app to control your vehicle. Alexa is making a big splash in homes, allowing homeowners to shop online through voice commands in the comfort of their own home. Alexa is voice activated, and making it easy for just about anyone to use technology to make their lives easier. Joining the abilities of the Alexa platform with car technology was the next logical step for Genesis.

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What Else Does Alexa do to Control a Car?

You can also command Alexa to turn down the temperature in your car, turn the radio down or off, to make the lights flash or to stop your car. This can be amazing technology in an emergency, when you may not physically be able to do these tasks because of an injury. This technology is only going to become more advanced over time, and Genesis is please to be part of this innovative technology.

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